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Silly Number plates....  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Tue Mar 2nd, 2021 08:11 am
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pretty much all except(mostly)4 even tho they can give plod anpr cameras fits,nothing covering embossed plates as long as its the standard font more or less.seem to recall 3d or similar effects being specifically exempted from requirements but ive been wrong before.also keep in mind that different requirements can apply to 1 and i regarding spacing giving some similar(and technically legal) effects regarding spacing

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 Posted: Mon Mar 1st, 2021 01:30 pm
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Can you confirm which flavour(s) of silly number plates below may be/is an MOT fail;

1. Silly Spacing of the characters; registration is: M33 RAP - plate on car is: M33RA P or reg: T14 MOR - plate on car: T1 4MOR

2. Mis-shaped characters to make numbers look more like letters and vice-versa; lines shortened or removed from 1 (one) to make it look like an i

3. Plate securing bolts and characters (standard or mis-shaped) custom spaced (or wrong colour fitted) so that together they create further mutations. Say there is a character 'E' at the factory plate securing bolt hole and a black bolt would be fitted. This is changed to a white or yellow bolt to make the E look like a C.

4. Silly '3D' characters which are raised 10mm off the plate cos this adds an extra 99bhp

5. Plates with colour matched tint to vehicle body colour; plates look like someone has sprayed them with an aerosol from 30cm away - the standard white or yellow colour is still visible at about 60% opacity.

6. A plate combination of 4 & 5 above.


Mark :D

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