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Hello all

Not too sure if this is the right place to ask this but I thought I would put it out there for any views on this.

Back in December the local VE rang me up and told me he wanted me to come in for an interview in regards to a car that I had tested which he believed did not come to my station. The test in question was done 11 months before in January. A bit late I thought as I did not have the Inspection sheet or the Emissions records that he was asking me to bring with me. Spoke to a legal rep about this and he said the VE was trying to get me done for fraud, so I should ask him for full disclosure (show any evidence beforehand). The VE did not like this and asked for the legal reps details so he could send him the info instead. 3 months down the line and neither me nor the legal rep have heard anything back from this VE.

Earlier this though, the same VE came to my station along with another VE for a site assessment. Nothing wrong there I thought. He wanted to test the vehicle which I was just about to finish and I agreed to let him do that. Unfortunately the customer walked in right after him and wanted to take the car. I asked the VE if I should make the customer wait while he re-tested it. "NO" he shouted, "let him take it". A bit abrupt I thought but whatever. So the car was gone. He had a quick little chat about the test I had done and the PRS I had just put on the vehicle. Nothing major was found and he said dont worry, everyone does it. So it was a bit of a lesson for me, something im more than happy to take on board. He asked how work had been and I said it wasn't too bad, last couple of weeks the work load starting to drop, "but December was very busy for you" he snapped whilst pointing his finger at me like I was a school kid being told off by the headmaster. WTF I thought, I really wasn't taking too his attitude but I kept my mouth shut anyway.

He asked me to log on the next car so he could check it. As I went to get the car and log it on he grabbed my Inspection and Emissions sheets and starting going through them, again nothing wrong. When I bought the car in I noticed he had a big of papers he had bought with him that looked like it had every reg I had tested since the beginning of December. Some I noticed were highlighted. Horsecrap that this was a normal site visit. His attitude told me he was looking for something but I didnt ask him, I just let him get on with his job. The other VE in the meantime had a look at the notice board in the office, MOT equipment etc etc but nothing more than that.

They both then went to the upstairs office with the Inspection sheets and up there I had the rest of them dating back to December 1st. They told me to test the vehicle and they would be down in a bit. I said if they needed anything else then either ask the other lad that was in the office at the time or give ma call from downstairs. I tested the vehicle for approx. 35 mintues, left it on the ramp for another 10 minutes and then the customer rang asking if he could come around for the car. I went back upstairs to ask them if I could let this one go as the customer was coming or they wanted to check it? They said let it go.

So I went back downstairs and then went up about 20 minutes later at which point I saw them putting my paperwork in "Evidence Bags" and taking it with them. They gave me a receipt for it and said they would bring it back. When asked why they were taking it they said we need to have a proper look at it and we just dont have the time to do it right here or we'll be here all day.

Having spoken to my legal rep in the meantime he advised me to ask them if I was being investigated for something as we may be able to clarify the situation here. So before they left I bluntly asked them if they were investigating, and they said not really, just a concern that some inspection/emissions sheets are missing. So I showed them entries in the diary from the last couple of months where the computer/printer/internet had failed or there was a system outage. He said it could all be quite innocent and nothing more but they'll be in touch. I asked them about the investigation back in December and he said there will be no further action on that, he thought he had emailed me but just realised on the day that he had not. So I thanked him for hanging that axe over my head for 3 months and then not even telling me about it. At which point they both left.

In hindsight I find the whole thing very weird, I have had Site Visits before but not like this, and certainly not by a VE with this kind of an attitude. Now I appreciate he may not have been able to tell me what all this was about on the day but I definitely also know that this was no ordinary visit. The fact that they did not even as much as ask to see my calibration certificates, annual assessments or training records/QC checks mean they came for one thing only.

Again, maybe its just me but I just cannot shake off the feeling that Im being set up for something here. Anyone else had their paperwork removed? Any explanations given? Outcome of it all?
Thanks in advance.

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