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Snap On DGA 6000  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sun Jul 3rd, 2022 10:47 pm
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our old dga 2500 and the 6000 we had both did the same when we got the eobd pickups as does the 6000 where im now working so im saying normal operation.seems to just give a random rpm reading-typically 3500 or thereabouts-rather than the 5k you just revved it to with 6 wildly different rpm readings being pretty normal and youre right,can make it look like youre fiddling the will also notice that as soon as you rev it to ANY level let alone rev it out it will accept that as a valid test but no fraud incentive there obviously.not our/your problem.we didnt approve em the ministry did and they can argue the toss if they aint happy with the readings.personally i liked the old omitecs,accoustic trigger saves all this s**te slow as they are

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 Posted: Fri Jul 1st, 2022 01:59 am
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Paul S

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Sorry no use crypton 800.
But got a OPTL Uni-Lift 3500 NT Plus four months ago.. not worked properly since installation it has been unsatisfactory and not fit for purpose due to manufacturing defects. The uk distributor will eventually do a fix.. steering shaker stalls.
But the national Co that sold gear to me :X

Good luck

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 Posted: Wed Jun 29th, 2022 02:21 pm
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Anybody have issues with snap on DGA 6000 rpm readings not agreeing with vehicle rev counter? Machine only about 4 months old and has been doing this since day one, snap on looking into it (they say) but nothing yet more then it meets the specs required. Not fit for purpose as does not read diesel rpm correctly I say.
I rev the vehicle to maximum governed revs on say all 6 readings the analogue rev counter on the machine hits the end which is about 3000 rpm, the digital reading on the machine reflects the vehicle reading, say 4250 or whatever but the print shows readings of 2000 1400 2500 3000 4000 1800 just as an example, as if it is ignoring the revs and just taking a reading triggered from some limit.
You can only select idle in menu and can not select maximum governed revs of vehicle this seems to be done automatically.
Yes I can bypass speed readings but I dont want to as the machine should work as it is sold.
Print out makes it look like I am fiddling the readings.

Works ok on petrol vehicles

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