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Taking over a VTS from deceased boss  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Wed Jan 3rd, 2024 09:03 pm
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Hi guys
I'm in need of advice.
My boss passed away in August this year and he put the garage I work for in his will to wife and 2 kids.
They don't want the garage/responsibility so they offered it to me and my colleague.
We was testing until he passed away and since then we cannot test as we don't have a AE.
I've spent hours looking into the vt01 form and searched alot for info but I'm getting super confused on what's needed.

So far
We have both set up a new ltd company and both of us are directors
We both completed the AEDM course
We have had Boston come and did a site visit for all new equipment as it needs to he linked
Boston has also done our bay drawings.

Now because we are a vts that was testing but no longer do we need a site drawing?

Would they give us the aip if the lease is not in out name?
The executor hasn't had probate granted yet.
The lease will be assigned to us but not in our names until probate.
Will a solicitors letter stating all this be ok?

I know it's a lot of questions but if we have to wait for probate then it could take 9-12 months.
We won't survive without mots that long so we will probably give the garage purchase a miss.

Thanks guys and sorry for the long first post.

Cheers Hass

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